From Simple to SEMA

Leonidas has not always been the built, beefy, brute of a truck it is today. In late 2017, a truck that was completely bone stock was retired from its everday work life, and the build process began...



Wheels & Tires

Our wheel and tire setup features 20x9 Method NV wheels mounted on a set of 37x12.50xR20 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires.



Suspension Setup

Leonidas's front end suspension setup is nothing short of impressive. Being a 2013 Ram 2500, the Fabtech DirtLogic 4.0 Coilover kit was designed for a 2014+ Ram 2500. With the help of our friends over at Baker Off-Road, we were able to successfully modify the suspension mounts and coil spring bucket to work with the conversion kit. This sets us as the only 2013 Ram 2500 running this setup in the USA.



Lift Kit

Leonidas also features a BDS Long Arm Kit with Dual Fox Steering Stabilizers.



SPOD Installation

This May, the plates in the Troy center console were removed and we installed the SPOD switch panel that controls our lighting, PA system, and CB radio.



Troy Center Console

One of the first interior modifications on Leonidas was the removal of the stock Ram center console and the installation of the Fleet Safety Troy Center Console Unit. Upon installing the console we added several modifications, including a lock box, cup holders, SPOD switch panel, CB radio, and various power outlets.



Full Wrap

The wrap on Leonidas is a 3M Matte Dark Gray complete body wrap, with matte black logos.



Hand Made Custom Grille

To make the grille, first we cut out the stock Ram crosshairs which left just the grille surround. Overkill Fab hand made the custom grille insert, which was then sent off to paint in order to match the dark gray wrap.



Bulletproof Hitch & Infinite Rule Security Pins

The truck is equipped with the world's strongest drop hitch, the Bulletproof 2.0" Heavy Duty 12" Drop/Rise Hitch, which is painted dark gray to match the wrap. Infinite Rule Security locking pins keep the hitch locked and secured.



Chase Rack & Spare Tire Mount

In the bed of Leonidas rests the Addictive Desert Designs Honey Badger Chase Rack Base with the Honey Badger Tire Carrier Add-on.



New Interior

To really give Leonidas that show stopping look, we decided to gut the interior of the truck and modify the setup to run custom racing seats along with 2 10” JL shallow mount subwoofers.



Braum Racing Seats 

After lots of design, drafting, and planning, the stock seats were removed and we teamed up with S&K Fabrication to have custom steel plates and brackets installed for the Braum Racing X-Series Double Diamond Stitched Seats.



Custom Rear Console

To set Leonidas apart even further, we designed a custom center console that matches the Troy Console up front, complete with an iPad mount.



SEMA 2018

With the help of many sponsors, Leonidas made it to SEMA 2018 while being featured by Edge Products! After the show, we took Leonidas to a photoshoot for a feature in Diesel World Magazine.