Spartan 4×4 50″ Next Gen Straight Light Bar


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When taking your build to the next level, make sure your Off-Road Lighting can keep up with all of your Off-Road adventures. The Spartan 4×4 Next Gen 50″ Light Bar packs twice the LED’s into a traditional dual row housing, resulting in an enormous 192 individual LEDs. At 3 watts each, this gives you 576 watts of the most effective high output lighting. Spartan 4×4 uses highly controlled and leveled internal LED components resulting in an evenly distributed and high output light pattern, while the 3D oval projector lenses help that light reach as far as possible. But don’t think all this technology is fragile. The Spartan 4×4 Next Gen 50″ Light Bar is made of the toughest materials, which means it can endure the harsh conditions you’ll encounter on the trails. The Spartan 4×4 Next Gen 50″ Light Bar is intended for Off-Road Use Only.

Additional Information
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 52 x 5 x 6 in